What To Do and Where To Go in Houston TX

where to go and what to do when you're in in houston txOne of the reasons that Houston makes such a great vacation destination is that there is literally something for everybody. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend away, a cultural city break, or a family vacation, there is such a wide variety of things.


A must-visit for everyone, but particularly those looking for something to quench their thirst for adventure, is the NASA Space Center.

NASA plays such an iconic role in Houston’s history, it is only right that the Space Center has a place on this list. The interactive and educational nature of the center pays homage to the research and people that have changed science forever.

You can visit by yourself or as part of a tour of the city, but either way, the Space Center is a great stop to make on your trip. With constantly changing space-themed exhibits and a space museum with over 400 artifacts, the NASA Space Center can always offer something new to kids and adults alike.


If you’re all spaced out from the NASA center, the Museum District is a great place to head to keep the kids amused.

With the Museum of Natural Science and Children’s Museum of Houston, there are plenty of places to visit in this area to get out of the midday heat.

If you fancy taking some time outside, then Houston is full of beautiful green parks, and the Houston Zoo is a great way to spend a day, with many activities laid out just for the little ones.


Houston is full of international restaurants, all offering high quality cuisine regardless of the price, meaning there are a number of restaurants that could be recommended here, from Chinese Dim Sum houses to excellent Pizzerias. But if you’re coming to Houston, there is one thing you really need to try, and that is Texan Barbecue.

Jackson Street BBQ serves up some of the best meat in the city to eat in or to go.

Paired with simple but delicious sides, diners can chose a combination of beef, chicken, pork and sausage, or just go with old favorites such as sandwiches or chop salads. The family friendly atmosphere means kids can go to fill their boots too, and the takeout menu is perfect for when you’re in a hurry for your food.


When it comes to getting a drink in Houston, there is a real contrast between comfortable and quiet cocktail bars and raucous saloons. Whatever your style, there will be something to match.

Anvil Bar and Refuge has a warm and inviting atmosphere, complimented by a truly vast range of spirits. With 100 cocktails to sample, Anvil is great for date night vibes, or a quiet drink.

In contrast, Firehouse Saloon is not quite where you’d go for somewhere quiet. This rustic country bar is owned by firefighters, with weekly live music that gives it a real honky tonk appeal. Whichever way you’re feeling, Houston has enough nightlife hotspots to keep you entertained throughout your vacation.

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