Hidden Destinations in San Antonio Texas

best places to visit in san antonio txThe city of San Antonio is filled with several destinations that are not as popular as the primary tourist spots but equally amazing. These hidden destinations equally show the culture of San Antonio as well as its historical roots.

This article will explore several hidden places that most of the casual San Antonio visitors have not yet explored.

Scobee Planetarium

Since this attraction only open for a limited schedule, only a few visitors get to experience “The Violet Universe” that this planetarium offers. However, visitors can check dates and schedules in the planetarium’s Summer Matinee Schedule and plan their visit accordingly.

Little Woodrow’s Turtle Race

One of the more eccentric attractions in San Antonio includes the Little Woodrow’s Turtle Race where they bet on a turtle race results.

Tiny Graffiti Dudes Downtown

Visitors who happen to travel the Riverwalk can go for a mini-Easter egg hunt and search for the small graffiti men scattered across the pillars of Riverwalk.

King of the Parc

The King of the Parc is a giant metal stag made from junk materials such as used fenders and rusted typewriters. The housing development of “The Parc at Escondido” uses the giant stag as its centerpiece.

The Midget Mansion

The Gillespie Mansion gained the name The Midget Mansion because of its low ceilings and fixtures. It is possible that the tenants of the house are family of small people. It has a terrifying legend saying that the father of the family went mad one day and killed his entire family and himself.

San Antonio Western Shooting

Texas is world-famous due to numerous Wild West films and depictions. As such, for the people who want to have a first-hand Texas cowboy experience, the San Antonio Western Shooting, located at 13250 Pleasanton Road, offers the opportunity to use replica Texas firearms.

The Ghost Tracks

The Ghost Tracks, located at the corner of Villamain and Shane Road, shows the legend of ghost children pushing vehicles over the train tracks where vehicles usually mysteriously stop. As such, the tracks gained the reputation of Gravity Bridge.

The Treue der Union Monument

For the fans of San Antonio and overall Texas history, The Treue der Union Monument gives honor to the 34 brave Texan residents who found the Confederate in 1862.

The World’s Biggest Cowboy Boots

The World’s Biggest Cowboy Boots is more of an icon than a primary attraction in San Antonio. It lies outside the North Star Mall at 7400 San Pedro Avenue.

The Amazing Mirror Maze

The Amazing Mirror Maze is a unique San Antonio destination showing a maze placed with several hundred mirrors, creating an optical illusion of an endless maze. It is located at 217 Alamo Plaza in San Antonio.

Texas Snake Farm

The Texas Snake Farm is located off the main highway of New Braunfels at 5640 Interstate 35 Frontage Road. It showcases a collection of snakes as its main attraction. Moreover, it has a zoo and several more attractions inside.

Stonehenge 2

The famous prehistoric monument in England, Stonehenge, has an exact replica in San Antonio. It is located in the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram, San Antonio, Texas at Point Theater Road.

Most of these destinations explore the local culture of San Antonio. Thus, once a person has explored half of the destinations on this list, he officially has more knowledge about San Antonio than most visitors.

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