5 Top Hotspots to Check Out When You’re in Dallas

top hotspots to check out in dallas txDallas has a vast array of nightlife hotspots, catering to everyone’s tastes. If you prefer an intimate bar, or if you like somewhere where you can dance the night away, there is something for everyone in Dallas.

Some may think that the city’s nightlife is just for young people, but with cozy and casual bars, and live music venues, Dallas nightlife is fantastic, whatever your age.

Younger Crowds

One of the biggest nightclubs in Dallas is the famous EDM club Lizard Lounge, whose legendary ‘The Church’ nights have been running for over twenty years. With guest sets from well known DJs, Lizard Lounge is a popular choice for the youth of Dallas, with the club even being busy on a Sunday night.

This won’t be for everyone, as EDM and new wave gothic music isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but Lizard Lounge is famous for a good reason, and is definitely worth a visit.

Laid Back/Casual

If you are looking for someone laidback and casual, The Grapevine Bar is a cozy, if somewhat mismatched, dive bar, with a rooftop deck overlooking downtown Dallas.

The Grapevine Bar is perfect for a fun and chilled night out, as outside of the bar is a basketball court to shoot some hoops, and inside are televisions for sporting events, games consoles, and a jukebox stocking over 400 CDs.

With a happy hour every night and a newly opened kitchen, The Grapevine Bar is fantastic for seeing in those long summer nights.


Dada Dallas is definitely one for the rockers, providing a live music venue for local rock musicians, and a great night out for local rock music fans.

Dada Dallas is celebrated for its great acoustics, despite artists performing outside on a large patio, and has a real intimate feel with the venue only holding around 100 people. It has a well stocked bar and keeps things simple and authentic, offering a great opportunity to see live bands for a decent price.

Live Jazz

The Balcony Club is another place to enjoy live music in a laidback setting, featuring live jazz musicians every single night, making it a perfect setting for a grown up night on the town.

The Balcony Club has an old-school relaxed vibe, offering visitors a range of craft beers, wines and signature cocktails in a comfortable setting. Not many bars in Dallas offer jazz and blues live entertainment, making The Balcony Club is a real hotspot for music fans. It also offers different entertainment such as spoken word artists.


One of the classiest hotspots in Dallas, Candleroom exudes elegance with an opulent vintage theme throughout, offering high quality drinks and music.

With lavish d├ęcor inside, Candleroom create an intimate atmosphere with DJs playing late into the night, allowing patrons the opportunity to either sit with a bottle of fine champagne, or dance the night away on the dance floor.

Candleroom is not the cheapest option for a night out, but you really get what you pay for in terms of atmosphere and high quality drinks.

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